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Texts: Rikki Lee Roath, Photographs: Altay Ozcan

Hi Everbody, welcome to our blog, called The Other Turkey. As passionate travelers, we spend most of our time exploring new places and seeking new experiences. Until now, our writings and photographs have been published in various magazines, but in 2020 we decided to compile all of our knowledge into our own blog. Introducing The Other Turkey. Safe Travels! 

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National Parks of Turkey

Written by Rikki Lee Roath National Parks of Turkey Turkey is home to nature more diverse than most visitors to the country realize. From snow-capped mountains to rainforests and wetlands, Turkey is more than just its popular Mediterranean coastline....

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Turkish Regional Cuisine

Turkish Regional Cuisine Written By Rikki Lee Roath Turkish Cuisine As the home of the agricultural revolution, the cuisine of the Anatolian sub-continent is as diverse as its people and history. Each region is full of its own surprises; the only...

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