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About Us

Turkey’s only company dedicated to Self Guided Tours.

Our Story

Everything Started in 2014

Rikki Lee Roath
Altay Özcan

We had the idea to give you the chance to freely explore all the regions of Turkey, including lesser-known places away from the typical tourist track. Knowing from experience that everyone travels and explores at their own pace and in their own way, we offer only self-guided tours for the most enjoyable experience possible.

Having traveled extensively ourselves, our goal is to provide others with trips suited just to them; be it walking, driving, kayaking or cultural explorations.

Our Story

For us, Traveling is a Way of Life not Just a Job.

Living in our van and exploring different parts of Turkey, we are in constant search of new places, better experiences and new routes. While doing this, we aim to

  • Be Respectful to Nature

  • promote slow travel

  • give people real experiences 

  • Interact with locals

Altay Özcan

Altay graduated from Hacettepe University, Ankara in 2006 and became a professional licensed tourist guide in 2009. He worked as an activity leader specialising in canyoning , sea kayaking, trekking and mountain biking in Kaş before maturing into a cultural guide. He now guides an international clientele exploring the diversity of all the regions of Turkey. Altay was a member of the Conquest Coast Expedition which aimed at and succeeded in paddling from the Syrian border in Hatay to İstanbul in 2007. He hiked all around Turkey and is co-founder & co-author of the Carian Trail project. His love of the outdoors and nature is expressed through his photography which has been published in several books and many magazines. As a member of Cultural Routes Society, he is actively taking part in making new hiking/biking trails in different parts of Turkey. He is also a Fellow member of the Royal Geographical Society.

Rikki Lee Roath

Rikki, born and raised in the United States, has worked in the fashion and education industries and is a trained chef, but her biggest passion in life has always been traveling. After cycling, trekking, and hitchhiking her way through about 30 countries on 4 continents, Rikki ended up in the mountains of eastern Turkey. She fell in love with the cultural and natural wonders of the country, and was lucky enough to be offered her own travel documentary on Turkish national television. Two shows, 35 episodes, and many adventures later, Rikki is still living in Turkey, now exploring it’s rich culinary heritage. She is currently working to compile a book about local Turkish cuisine.

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