• Kas at Sunset
  • Autumn Flowers
  • Lighthouse of Patara
  • Sunken City of  Kekova
  • Coastal views on the way to Limanagzi
  • Lycian Rock Toms
  • Victory tuck in Patara
  • Hidden ruins of Kyaneia
  • Hidden ruins of Kyaneia
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  • Coastal views on the way to Aperlae
  • Phellos
  • Lycian Inscription
  • All you need...
  • Roman Aqueduct of Patara

Lycian Way - Kas Based - 8 days


Self Guided Walking on Lycian Way - Kas Based 8 Days
Lycia is the name of the region between Fethiye and Antalya in Southwest Turkey, a truly Charming Riviera of the Turkish Mediterranean. The Lycian Way connects most of the ancient cities while providing a true sense of the local life within the region. With its 510 km length in total, Lycian Way was chosen as one of the best 10 hiking trails in the world by the Sunday Times. The itinerary is based in Kaş, located at the heart of the Lycian Coastline. This is not only one of the best places to hike but also the nicest town of the coast with its picturesque setting, old streets and friendly people. 


DAY 1. Transfer Dalaman to Kas (D)
After your arrival to Dalaman Airport, you will be transferred to Kaş (2,5 hrs). The files and the details about your trip will be ready for you in your hotel.

DAY 2. HIKE Bayındır - Limanagzı - Kas 14 km (B, L)
A short transfer takes you to the beginning of the hike above Kaş. The walk starts from a small hamlet, called Bayındır, and reaches Ufakdere beach with views of the bay from above. There is almost no settlement on this bay. The coastal path carries on through low vegetation before arriving at Limanagzı Bay. This is a perfect spot to go for a swim and take a break. Passing by the ancient rock tombs of the Lycians, the day finishes as you walk into your hotel.

DAY 3. HIKE Delikkemer - Patara 10 km (B, L, D)
This is one of the most classic walks along the Lycian Way. Delikkemer is the ancient aqueduct that used to carry the water for Patara, one of the 6 major Lycian Cities. The piping system is still visible at the sight. The route passes by some old olive groves with views of the fertile Esen Valley. Walking into the ancient city, one quickly realizes the importance of the site with its well preserved theatre, parliament house, main streets and many more. The day ends with a visit to the 16 km fine sandy beach of Patara, also a marine turtle nesting area.

DAY 4. FREE DAY in Kas (B)
Kas has many options to provide for the day. Kaş is probably the most active town for outdoor sports whether it be sea-kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning, paragliding or diving. This is one of the best spots for diving in Turkey with its clean waters and 90 different diving spots. If you would like to have an easy day, you can take a walk through the lovely streets of Kas, explore its ancient theatre, do some shopping and take a swim at one of its pebble beaches. It is also possible to visit the Greek Island of Meis just across Kas with a 30 min boat ride.

DAY 5. HIKE Kas - Cukurbag - Phellos 14 km (B, L, D)
The hike starts directly from the hotel. The route goes high above Kas on a nice path zigzagging the mountain slope while giving beautiful views of Kaş. The reward at the top is breathtaking. After a little break, the walk carries onto Cukurbag before ascending to Phellos again. This lycian site upon the mountain will be a surprise with its ruins and views of the mountains towards the north. A 20 min transfer takes you back to the hotel.

DAY 6. HIKE Apollonia - Aperlae 9 km - Boat trip in Kekova (B,L)
30 min drive takes you to the small village of Kılıçlı to start the hike. Very close to the town are the ruins of Apollonia. For a place in the middle of nowhere, there is a lot to offer within this forgotten site. The stony path starts going down the low vegetation before meeting with the sarcophagi of Aperlae. The ancient economy of this town was based on the valuable Tyrian dye derived from a type of marine snail. Your reward after the hike is a nice boat trip over the Kekova sound with its turquoise waters. Having seen the sunken city and Simena, the boat trip ends in Ucagiz to meet with the car to go back to Kas.

DAY 7. HIKE Kyaneai 6 km, SITESEEING Myra (B, L, D)
The transfer takes you to the village of Yavu for a loop hike through the ruins of Kyaneai. The route gently goes up on an ancient path through the necropolis of the Kyaneai. Upon reaching the main site, the first thing to see is the well preserved Hellenistic theatre with wonderful views over the Kasaba valley. The route goes through the ancient site and loops back to the start point on an old trail. The transfer meets you here and takes you to the Lycian Site of Myra along with the St. Nicholas Church. Transfer back to Kas.

DAY 8. Transfer to Dalaman Airport (B)
Transfer back to Dalaman Airport (2.5 hrs).


7 Nights Accommodation in Hideaway Hotel, Kaş 


Trip books are included in all our tours. Our trip books are complete packages of information which will help you to find your way through the itinerary we have created for you. Putting in significant time and effort, we have compiled this book which includes Google Earth maps, highlighted routes, touristic information, pick up and drop off points and easy to follow directions with pictures.
Although, most of the routes along the tours are very well way-marked, we decided to provide GPS units which are simple to use, easy to read, but nonetheless sophisticated devices. The routes and waypoints (including water sources, pickup points and hotels) described in the trip books are preloaded in the GPS. All you have to do is follow the route shown on the device. 1 GPS is provided for every group.
Mobile Phone
With the experiences we have had, we thought that it is best to provide every group with a mobile phone with a pre-paid Turkish sim-card. This helps a lot in making arrangements during the trip. The phone numbers of the hotels, emergency numbers and the contact details for the company are already listed in the mobile phones.

• Hiking boots or strong shoes with good tread and ankle support,
• Shorts and t-shirt (warm weather), fleece, waterproofs garments, walking trousers, long sleeved top
• Day pack (35ltr. + -)
• Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun cream), insect repellant
• Walking poles HIGHLY recommended
• Beach towel, swimwear
• First Aid Kit
• Headlight

Main Baggage is transferred on to next nights’ accommodation.

In April daytime temps reach the low twenties (centigrade), mostly sunny but still chances of rain. In May the temperature rises to high twenties and there’s less of chance of rain. Evenings can still be quite cool in early April.
From mid-September through October, days are mostly sunny with temps in the mid-twenties and warm evenings cooling down later in the season.


580 € per person based on 2 people sharing a room. 
• All transport during the walking program including the main airport transfers
• Breakfasts, 4 nights dinners, 5 Lunches, Snacks during the walking days. 
• 7 nights accommodation in Hideaway Hotel or similar

• Lunches and Dinners not listed above
• Drinks at hotels or restaurants. 
• Personal expenses.
• Flight tickets.
• Travel Insurance.
• Tips. 


 If you would like to book/enquire about this tour, please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.