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Gulf of Gokova - 15 Days

Carian Trail

 Take a walk into history with the Carian Trail. The newest and the longest (820 km) of the way-marked trails in Turkey, the Carian Trail passes through many varied landscapes with its 5 different sections: Bozburun Peninsula, Datça Peninsula, Gulf of Gokova, Carian Hinterland and Mugla Environs. Accessing a lesser known region and connecting ancient cities with authentic villages, the popularity of the trail will increase in time. This 14 day self-guided walking tour on the Carian Trail covers some of the best hikes along the Gulf of Gokova section. Starting from Akyaka the route follows forest paths, ancient trails, rural villages, unspoiled beaches and reaches Bodrum (Halicarnassos of ancient times). The highlights of this trip include wonderful coastal views, the heavenly bay of Akbük, ruins of Anastasiapolis (Kisebükü) and small rural villages.


Day 1. Transfer Dalaman to Akyaka
After your arrival to Dalaman Airport, you will be transferred to Akyaka (1 hr). The files and the details about your trip will be ready for you in your hotel. Overnight stay in Caretta Pension, Akyaka

Day 2. HIKE Akyaka - Turnalı 13 km (B,L,D)
You will start walking directly from the hotel to the market place and take the route into the pine forest. The route runs through the forest passing by some small settlements by the scent of the pine trees. This day’s walk, full of the fresh smell of pine, takes you through the forest, passing by some small settlements and finishes in the small village of Turnalı. Transfer to Çardak Restaurant where you will spend the night in a bungalow in a nice location by the sea.
Dinner and overnight stay in Çardak Restaurant

DAY 3. HIKE Turnalı - Sarnıç - 14 km (B,L,D)
The hike starts with a long climb up giving rewarding views of the Gulf of Gokova and Datça Peninsula. Reaching an altitude of 700m, the trail passes through a mystical pine forest. High upon the plain is Sarnıç Village with its fertile fields. As there is no accommodation here, we transfer you to the bay of Akbük.
Dinner and overnight stay in Altas Pension, Akbük

DAY 4. HIKE Sarnıç - Akbük 12 km (B,L,D)
Transfer up to Sarnıç Village (11 km). After a walk around the village, which is very traditional and non-touristic, you take the dirt road through the pine trees. There are some nice views of the coast along the way. The route continues onto an old caravan trail heading down to Datcağız Hamlet and finishes with a nice swim in Akbük.
Dinner and overnight stay in Altas Pension, Akbük

DAY 5. HIKE Akbük - Ören 15 km (B,L,D)
The walk starts directly from the pension heading up away from Akbük bay. Leaving the blue of the sea behind, the route turns inland and passing through agricultural fields and olive trees. With mix of dirt roads and paths the trail reaches Alatepe Village. There is also a takeoff point in this village for paragliders. The route carries on along a caravan trail with views of Ören down below and finishes by the hotel in Ören.
Dinner and overnight stay in Kaplumbaga Otel, Ören

DAY 6. HIKE Türkevleri - Bozalan 13.5 km (B,L,D)
Check out from the hotel. With a short transfer, you arrive at Türkevleri to start the hike. Winding up through low vegetation, the path takes us up for nice views of the Aegean. Continuing through the pine trees we arrive at Bozalan Village. This village is famous for its carpets with natural dies. It is possible to see women weaving their local patterns knot by knot. A short transfer takes you to Çökertme Village by the seaside.
Dinner and overnight stay in Çökertme Boutique Hotel

DAY 7. Freeday in Çokertme (B,D)
The hotel is located right by the water and is a nice place to take a rest.
Dinner and overnight stay in Çökertme Boutique Hotel

DAY 8. HIKE Bozalan - Çakıllıyalı 14 km (B,L,D)
Check out of the hotel. After a short transfer, the hike starts from Bozalan, passing by some old terraces and houses. The old caravan trail takes us to Gökbel village which is also famous for its carpets. After a tea break in the village, you continue the hike with its views of the sea. The day ends as you walk into a small pension by the seaside in Çakıllıyalı.
Dinner and overnight stay in Ege Pension

DAY 9. HIKE Çakıllıyalı - Kisebükü 9 km (B,L,D)
You start the day directly from the pension. This old trail hadn’t used for a long time until the Carian Trail was opened. The undulating route passes through many quiet beaches and coves. Winding through maquis shrubland, pine trees, olive groves, and sandalwood trees, the trail is quite diverse. At certain times of the year it is possible to see villagers collecting their olives. You will meet with the transfer once the trail reaches the byzantine settlement of Kisebükü. Transfer back to Çakıllıyalı (40 min).
Dinner and overnight stay in Ege Pension

DAY 10. HIKE Kisebükü - Çiftlik 12 km (B,L,D)
Transfer takes you back to Kisebükü Bay. After enjoying the quiet bay and walking through the ruins, the trail will take you through the pine forest up to cultivated fields. It then reaches the seaside and follows the coast until the Kargıcak beach nearing the village of Çiftlik. The last uphill stretch on a dirt road takes you to Çiftlik by the teahouses where you can sip your end of the day tea. A five minute transfer takes you to your hotel.
Dinner and overnight stay in village house, Yalıçiftlik

DAY 11. HIKE Çiftlik - Kızılağaç 10 km (B,L,D)
Five minute transfer to the beginning of the hike. Today’s hike passes through some remote villages and settlements. Mostly through the olive groves, the undulating trail shows you the surprisingly different lifestyles located just a half an hour from Bodrum. The day ends as you walk into your overnight accommodation with Ramazan.
Overnight homestay in Kızılağaç

DAY 12. HIKE Kızılağaç - Bodrum 11 km (B,L,D)
The trail starts ascending through the pine trees and reaches large olive groves towards the saddle. The path levels out and stays flat for some time on dirt road before it starts descending down to Bodrum with fantastic views of the castle and the town. You finish the day by walking to your hotel through the old streets of Bodrum.
Dinner in a selected restaurant and overnight stay in Gulet Otel, Bodrum

DAY 13. Visit Bodrum Castle. Freetime. (B)
Bodrum is one of the most well-known towns of the Turkish coast. Famous for its castle built by the Knights of St. Jean, the museum set inside is just as impressive. One of the best underwater archaeology museums in the world, the museum houses the Uluburun Shipwreck, the oldest in the world dating back to the 14th century BC. In the afternoon you may wander around the streets or take a half day boat trip with the famed Gulets of Bodrum.
Overnight stay in Gulet Otel, Bodrum

DAY 14. HIKE Bodrum - Pedasa - Torba 12 km (B,L,D)
The day starts with a walk through the historic structures of the town; 18th century Ottoman Mosque, one of the wonders of the ancient world, the 4th century BC Mausoleum, the Myndos Gate and the ancient theatre. The route then heads up the hills for fantastic views of the castle and the town before reaching into the ancient city of Pedasa. As you walk down to Torba on a mix of paths and dirt roads, the day comes to an end. A five minute transfer takes you to your hotel in Göltükbükü.
Dinner and overnight stay in Bella Sombre Hotel, Göltükbükü

DAY 15. Transfer to Bodrum Airport (B)
Tour finishes with your transfer to Bodrum Airport (1hr).


14 nights accommodation in standard hotels and pensions.
• Caretta Otel - 1 night
• Cardak Restaurant & Bungalow - 1 night
• Altas Restaurant Pension - 2 nights
• Kaplumbaga Hotel - 1 night
• Çökertme Boutique Hotel - 2 night
• Ege Pension - 2 night
• Village House, Yalıçiftlik, 1 night (Private room, Shared Bathroom - The house owners are a young couple living away from the rush of Bodrum. Anıl is a masseur, so you might get the chance to get a massage with extra charge)
• Village House, Kızılağaç - 1 night (Private room, Shared Bathroom - Ramazan is your host. A local of the region, he is very good at cooking local cuisine.)
• Gulet Otel - 2 nights
• Bella Sombre Hotel - 1 night


Trip books are included in all our tours. Our trip books are complete packages of information which will help you to find your way through the itinerary we have created for you. Putting in significant time and effort, we have compiled this book which includes Google Earth maps, highlighted routes, touristic information, pick up and drop off points and easy to follow directions with pictures.
Although, most of the routes along the tours are very well way-marked, we decided to provide GPS units which are simple to use, easy to read, but nonetheless sophisticated devices. The routes and waypoints (including water sources, pickup points and hotels) described in the trip books are preloaded in the GPS. All you have to do is follow the route shown on the device. 1 GPS is provided for every group.
Mobile Phone
With the experiences we have had, we thought that it is best to provide every group with a mobile phone with a pre-paid Turkish sim-card. This helps a lot in making arrangements during the trip. The phone numbers of the hotels, emergency numbers and the contact details for the company are already listed in the mobile phones.
• Hiking boots or strong shoes with good tread and ankle support,
• Shorts and t-shirt (warm weather), fleece, waterproofs garments, walking trousers, long sleeved top
• Day pack (35ltr. + -)
• Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun cream), insect repellant
• Walking poles HIGHLY recommended
• Beach towel, swimwear
• First Aid Kit
• Headlight
Main Baggage is transferred on to next nights’ accommodation.


In April daytime temps reach the low twenties (centigrade), mostly sunny but still chances of rain. In May the temperature rises to high twenties and there’s less of chance of rain. Evenings can still be quite cool in early April.
From mid-September through October, days are mostly sunny with temps in the mid-twenties and warm evenings cooling down later in the season.


 1045 € per person based on 2 sharing a room. 
• All transport during the walking program including the main airport transfers
• Breakfasts, 11 nights dinners, 11 picnic lunches
• 14 nights’ accommodation in a variety of pensions, bungalows, homestays and boutique hotels.
• Lunches & dinners not listed above
• Drinks at hotels or restaurants.
• Personal expenses.
• Flight tickets.
• Travel Insurance 


 If you would like to book/enquire about this tour, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.